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Malta’s Weather This Week Proves Winter Is Coming… Ish

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In an apparent show of solidarity with the many Maltese Game of Thrones fans, it looks like winter is coming. Well, not really, but the next couple of days in Malta are set to get much fresher than anything we’ve seen in weeks. 

We started with temperatures that won’t get much higher than 30°C, and compared to our recent ‘Yellow‘ and ‘Orange‘ warning heatwaves which saw the temperatures of 40°C for over two weeks, that sounds absolutely heavenly. All of today will see Force 3-4 winds straight from the North, for that added Jon Snow effect. Lows stand at 22-23°C for every day of the week, which is practically jacket weather for most Maltese people. 

Even the ‘apparent temperature’ won’t breach 33°C for most of the week. And while that’s perfect summer weather for most of the tourists visiting Malta, for many locals, it’s the breath of fresh air we’ve wanted for quite a while now.

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Of course, Malta will still be more than warm enough to go to the beach, and with UV indexes of 9 and 10, you definitely still need to be careful of those harmful rays.

And with temperatures set to rise all over again by the end of the week, culminating in a weekend of Feels Like 38°C, we’d recommend making the most of the relatively fresh next couple of days!

Featured Image Photo by Christian Msgo

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