Not Another Hailstorm! Malta Weather Forecasters Have Gloomy Prediction For Tonight

It would be the second hailstorm to hit Malta this week


Photo of 'hail man' from a hailstorm earlier this week (Photo: Malta Weather Page)

A week after Malta was hit by the worst thunderstorm in decade, we have been blessed with a beautiful Sunday afternoon today. However, this may just be the literal calm before the storm. Weather forecasters Malta Weather have warned that a storm is moving over Sicily and is expected to strike Malta tonight.

Malta Weather said the storm could be thundery and/or with hail in places, in what would make it the second hailstorm in a week. However, it only gave its forecast a confidence rating of 60%, meaning it is still way too early to cancel any plans for tonight.

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Forecast: Malta Airport

The Malta Airport weather forecast page is also forecasting isolated showers and low temperatures, button thunderstorms.

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