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October’s First Week Has Kicked Off With Unsurprisingly Warm Weather… But Hope Might Be Just Around The Corner For Malta

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What do you get when you take a perpetually hot Mediterranean island like Malta, add autumn, and then add the beginning of October for extra measure? Well, if you just woke up on the last day of September expecting cool weather and maybe a shower or two, you’re going to be faced by… not much, really.

Today is off to a sunny day of 30°C highs, something which feels like it’s been the norm for a good 75% of 2019. The good thing is, we might not need to wait that long for some change to come about.

While warm temperatures will still feature all throughout the rest of the week, we could be in for some cloudy weather soon.

But it’s the end of the week that’s holding some promise for winter people.

Thursday could to make the most of Tuesday and Wednesday’s partly cloudy spursts and even bring some showers to the islands, accompanied by comparably fresh northwesterly winds that might go all the way up to Force 5 and 6. And Friday? Well, we’re only looking at potentially the first sub-20 degree evening in months!

Brace yourselves… you know the rest.

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