Perfect Picnic Weather Is Coming This Weekend In Malta... But Watch Out For Next Week

Guess what's back...

Weather March Sunny Windy Lovin Malta

Damn this weekend is looking good! Sunny days have been the norm for all of this week, but today is when things are set to really kick off into spring mode. Here's the weather forecast for this weekend in Malta.

Today's highs of 20 and even 21°C will carry on right up till Sunday, with rather warm evenings seeing the islands basking in lows of 11, 12 and even 13°C tonight. The wind will also be relatively calm, with today's Force 3 - 4 southeasterly wind being the strongest of the weekend.

March Weekend Malta Weather

Photo by Luke Abela

By the looks of things, however, things might turn sour very quickly next week

After Monday's cloudy day, the wind will start building up again, and Tuesday is looking pretty bad.

As the highest temperature drops to 17°C, the wind will definitely make the day feel much cooler.

And that's because the northwesterly wind will be going all the way up to Force 8 all over again.

March Weekend Malta Weather 2

Photo by Kurt Arrigo

Featured Image Original Photo by Stephen Davids

Tag someone who needs to make the most of this weekend before the strong winds return!

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