Rain And Thunder Might Finally Arrive In Malta This Weekend

Now if only those temperatures could budge down a little bit...


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With mid-September officially here, Malta is all set to finally get some autumn weather. Well, at least as far as rainfall goes. Because this heat isn't really going anywhere.

If you were hoping for a quick bout of rain to remind you that winter is fast approaching, then today seems to be your best bet. Isolated showers have been forecasted across multiple platforms, with some even putting the chance of rainfall all the way up to 50%. Others, like popular Facebook forecaster Gozo Weather Page have even gone on record to say that there is a possibility of a thunderstorm for later today.

With a humidity of 40% going all the way up to 80% and highs of 29°C feeling more like 33°C, though, we're not in sweater weather just yet.

As for the rest of the weekend, expect more cloudy weather - with less probability of rain - and similarly high temperatures.

The wind won't really blow higher than Force 3 over the weekend, and the UV Index is expected to take a hit as clouds continue to cover the islands. We will still be looking at highs of 8 and 7 though, so if you're planning on going to the beach for a September swim, you're still going to need that sunblock.

Lows will drop to 22°C by Sunday evening, but the last day of the week will actually record the highest apparent temperature of the weekend, 34°C.

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