Rain Might Be Returning To Malta This Week

The coming days are a mixed bag, but the clouds are quite constant


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Even though we're halfway through April, Malta has experienced a couple of days where it definitely didn't feel like spring. Between cloudy days and fresh nights, the weather has been rather unpredictable over the last couple of days. And if the forecast for this week is anything to go by, the weather in Malta's about to get even more eclectic.

The week is set to kick off predictably enough, with a mainly cloudy Monday seeing temperatures stabilise at 20°C highs and 14°C lows. Last weekend's strong gusts of winds will still be present over Monday and Tuesday, with Force 5 winds going down to 2 and 3. 

As the wind slowly starts climbing up to 3 and 4 towards the end of the week, a sunny Tuesday will give way to what looks like the return of rain for the midweek. Yep, Wednesday's forecasts has isolated showers listed down, with the possibility of a wet midweek gradually going up beyond 30%. 

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Thankfully, the weekend has better weather in store for the islands.

Friday's partly cloudy weather will give way to a sunny Saturday and a mainly Sunday, and even if only marginally, the weather will also be going up to 22°C.

This weekend's lows are also set to be very mild, with 14°C forecasted across the board. Beyond Sunday's infrequent spells of westerly Force 4 winds, the weeks is also set to be calmer as far as the wind goes, with mainly Force 2 and 3 winds on the table for Friday and Saturday (and early Sunday). 

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