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Rain, Wind And A Possible Thunderstorm? Spring In Malta Is Off To A Very Shaky Start

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Chirping birds and blue skies might’ve kicked off people’s quarantined week in Malta today, but don’t expect the weather to remain too fine. Because 2020 is now officially a mess, the first full week of spring looks to be off to a very unseasonal start soon enough.

The current forecast for both today and tomorrow is currently showing the possibility of isolated showers, but it’ll only get worse by the midweek.

A thunderstorm could be hitting the islands on Wednesday, bringing with it very strong Majjistral winds that could go all the way up to Force 7.

Meanwhile, as strong winds persist throughout the week, temperatures will gradually drop too, only making it to highs that feel like 12°C by Thursday.

As the Force 6 winds slowly subside by the end of the week, Friday could bring with it even more isolated showers to the island, making spring 2020’s first week in Malta easily one of its least spring-y to date.

And this goes without saying (but here we are saying it anyway because apparently we need to): this weather is the perfect excuse to stay at home and not go out. It’s not like there’s anywhere to go anyway. Stay safe everyone!

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