Raincoats At The Ready! 'Meteorological Instability' Set To Bring Thunderstorms And Gusty Showers To Malta This Weekend

The temperature is also set to drop substantially


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Torrential rain might not be that much of a rarity for October in Malta, but this weekend has quite a lot of wintery weather in store for the islands.

This weekend is set to kick off with thundery showers later today as the Malta Airport forecast currently has a yellow warning put out for "isolated thundery and gusty showers". Temperatures will also be experiencing a drop, as the highs over the weekend won't be going over 25°C at any point. In fact, by Saturday afternoon, that'll actually be dropping to 23°C.

Cold evenings will continue to persist, with 18°C across the board feeling even colder as the wind increases from Force 2 this morning to around 5 later this weekend. As for the thunder and rain, both Saturday and Sunday are showing pretty much the exact same forecast... with varying degrees of probability (like a staggering 100% on Saturday).


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According to independent forecasters FirstMalta, this "meteorological instability" is being caused by a system of low pressure that's approaching the centre of the Mediterranean from Sardinia.

Since a contrast is slowly forming between this and the relatively warm air originating from Africa, and another system of cold currents coming from the Balkans, this should be creating a three-day-old storm.

"We would like to clarify that this storm expect to hit Malta will not be as violent as what we've been seeing on local TV lately or as it's being reported on Italian media," FirstMalta said. "Neither is there a cause for alarm. But it's very important to still be prepared, like for example cleaning roofs and making sure that the rainwater has a proper route to flow through."

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