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Return Of The Grey: Malta’s Cloudy Days Are Here To Stay This Weekend

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The weather’s been treating Malta to some fun times this month (not!), with a plethora of clouds to cover up that gorgeous sun, and it seems like this weekend isn’t going to be any different. If the current forecast holds through, the third weekend of 2020 is going to be just as gloomy as the previous one.

The highest temperatures will play around the 15°C mark for the whole weekend, then going down as low as 9°C in the evenings. Not too bad for this time of year, but make sure you keep that jacket close to your front door as you still won’t want to go out without it.

Apart from the mainly cloudy skies we’ll be having overhead, Saturday might give us a few rain showers, as well. So I’d suggest keeping an umbrella beside that jacket, just in case…

…just hold on tight because the wind might be kicking it up a notch by tomorrow

Saturday morning will start off with a gentle breeze at Force 3, but throughout the day, it will escalate to a strong Force 6 all over again.

This will carry on ’till Sunday morning, but by the end of the weekend it should calm back down.

Overall, it’s going to be another weekend with minimal sun – but we’ll just keep telling ourselves that it’s merely gearing itself up for the sunny days that will inevitably follow, eventually.

Feature Image original photo by Polichronis Koloustos.

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