Spring Has Finally Sprung(ish): This Week's Weather In Malta Starts Off Beautiful, But Guess What's Back...

We can't seem to catch a break that's longer than a couple of days

Lovin Malta Weather Spring Week March

Thousands of people all around Malta made the most of yesterday's sunny day to start planning their first picnics and road trips of the year, and this week's weather forecast doesn't look too different. At least as far as the first couple of days go.

Today's sunny start will persist throughout most of tomorrow, with highs of 18°C only making it down to 11°C in the evening. However, as the northwesterly and southwesterly winds slowly start picking up again in strength, Wednesday is set to hold another Force 5 day with not only strong gusts of wind, but also rain. In the midweek, the highs will feel like 13°C, with the lows of 10°C no doubt feeling much cooler on account of the strong winds.

As the second half of the week marches on, Thursday and Friday hold more possible showers, but the variable wind will at least die down to Force 2 and 3.

So maybe, just maybe, spring hasn't really sprung just yet.

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