Strong Winds and Chilly Nights Are On The Menu For Malta This Weekend

These next couple of days are jam-packed with events... and changes in weather

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This weekend in Malta is a very busy one. But if you're not sure whether you should brave the outdoors, worry not; the windy and rainy moments which have hit the islands over the last couple of weeks are set to calm down for the next three days. Well, sort of. 

Tomorrow sees the weekend kick off with a partly cloudy, calm day. Highs of 15°C will feel like a slightly lower 13 thanks to the cloud cover and the westerly winds, and Friday night will be particularly chilly. Lows for the first night of the weekend are set to hover just above the single digits at 10°C.

Even though the temperature is set to go up to 16°C on Saturday, the winds will also be picking up again. The islands might also be looking at another day of sudden strong winds, as the south-southeasterly Force 2-3 winds are set to completely turn round to intense, Force 7 northwesterly gusts.

The rest of the weekend will see the wind carry on with its strong Force 6 and 7 winds, and while the highs will feel like 11°C, expected those forecasted 10°C lows to feel way colder at night. Layer up and stay safe everyone!

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