Strong Winds Expected To Hit Maltese Islands As Sunshine Returns For Last Week Of August

Maybe hold off on the swimming until later this week

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Blistering temperatures and long sunny days were yet again the order of the day this summer in Malta, but recent weeks have seen cloudy, fresh and even wet moments dominate the islands. Now, the last week of August is set to bring it all back... along with a bout of strong winds to kick it all off.

Yellow warnings alerting people on persisting Force 6 winds have been issued by the Malta Airport weather forecast page, and the warnings are valid till 10pm tonight. The strong northwesterly won't be reducing the day's high temperatures which will still climb to 30°C (and feel like 33°C), but it might be a good idea to hold off on swimming for today.

As for the rest of the week, sunshine and high UV indexes will be returning to the Maltese Islands for every single day.

The high apparent temperatures of 32 and 33°C aren't going anywhere yet, and the evenings' lows will still never fall under 23°C. As for the wind, today's strong gusts will slowly be going down, from Force 4 tomorrow all the way down to Force 2 on Thursday.

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If you were expecting some colder weather and an occasional thunderstorm or two as soon as September starts, you might need to wait a bit longer.

As Friday ushers August out, not only will the sun persist, but the temperature will actually start climbing.

The apparent temperature will go up a couple of degrees as the weekend rolls in, with Sunday peaking at 34°C. The night's low will also budge up one degree, resting at a warm 24°C straight out of Fabrizio Faniello's Another Summer Night.

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The TL;DR version:

Be wary of occasional strong bouts of wind today, and get ready for a sunnier, warmer end to August. Summer isn't going anywhere yet.

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