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Sun’s Out This Weekend In Malta… But The Rain Might Still Be Crashing The Party By The End Of It All

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After a week of gloomy weather, it’s finally time for the weekend. The wind is going to be dying down and, if we’re lucky, the sun might just be coming out to play according to the MIA forecast!

It looks like the weather today is going to be quite pleasant, with this morning’s sun making some guest appearances as it pops up in between all those clouds.

Tomorrow, however, the sun might just be the main event! With a high of 20°C and a low of 14°C which will settle for the whole weekend, it seems as if the clouds will be hibernating for a second to give us all a break from the glum sky we’ve had all this week.

Now for the bad news…

Although the warm temperature seems to be sticking all the way to Sunday, we might not be so lucky in terms of the sun.

It’s not confirmed yet, but there’s a possibility of rain on Sunday. Great for farmers, not so great for literally everyone else. So make sure to keep an umbrella handy, just in case!

Featured image courtesy of Caroline Polidano.

Tag someone you might be sharing an umbrella with on Sunday

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