That's (Kind Of) More Like It: Here's The Weather In Malta This Week

Forget today's wind and showers for a second, we should be getting some good old spring sun really soon

Lovin Malta Weathe April Spring

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2019 is turning out to be one hell of a year for unusual weather in Malta, isn't it? We've had endless very strong winds, unseasonal spells of stormy weather, and a Good Friday that's actually sunnier and calmer than Easter. Now, it looks like things are about to go back to normal... sort of.

Beyond today's still strong winds of Force 6/7 and the isolated, muddy showers which might still make their way to the islands, this week is looking sunny AF for Malta. And to make things all that more springy, we'll also be looking at much warmer temperatures.

After last weekend's highs of 18°C, we're suddenly going to be seeing mid 20s in our forecasts again. In fact, Tuesday is showing highs of 25°C, getting tantalisingly close to those summery 30s Malta hasn't had for months now. As for the evenings, we're looking at an average of 15°C across the board, which might feel a tad cooler thanks to moderate-to-strong winds that could persist till as long as Wednesday night.

Malta Spring Lovin Weather April

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