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The Last Week Of February In Malta Has Some Of The Most Varied Weather Up On Offer

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February might be the shortest month of the year, but these past couple of weeks have seen some of the most drastic weather to hit Malta this year. From shipwreck-inducing weather to impressive floods, winter seemed to have finally kicked off on the islands. And while today morning has since now been no exception, the weather is about to get very different very soon.

This morning saw some localities around the island get hit with heavy showers, and the rest of the day is set to be similarly wet. Strong northwesterly winds which can even go all the way up to Force 7 have led to the Malta International Airport issuing a yellow warning for the rest of the day. This warning is currently effective until 8pm tonight.

As of tomorrow, however, things are about to get considerably different. 

Tuesday and Wednesday’s cloudy bouts will see the temperature going up to highs of 16°C, but that temperature is set to soar even higher by the end of the week. Thursday and Friday are set to be sunny, and while the wind might go back up to Forces 5 and 6 (particularly over Thursday), temperatures will go as high as 20°C for the first time in a long while. In fact, the weekend will kick off with lows of 15°C at night, which in itself is warmer than the last couple of afternoons.

Saturday will see a relatively fresher bout of 18°C and 13°C highs and lows respectively, but Sunday will see those number go back up to the 20s all over again.

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Original photo by James Scicluna

Even though Malta went through a relatively mild winter this year, this news will definitely cheer up all those people who absolutely can’t wait for spring and summer.

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