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The Weather In Malta For The First Week Of May Proves Summer Is Just Round The Corner

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If you’ve been living in Malta for more than a couple of months, you’ll know that we don’t really do slow fade-outs between seasons. One day, you’ll be all wrapped up in your cosy jacket and big boots while some hail plummets down, and the next day, it’ll be too hot to even get out of bed. And while we’re still not at unbearable heatwave territory just yet, the first week of May shows that it won’t be long until the forecast shows temperatures upwards of 30s across the board.

The last day of April is also set to be one of the warmest of the day yet, with highs forecasted to feel as high as 29°C. And while that temperature will actually be going down quite substantially to a more normal mid 20s over the rest of the week, increasing sunny moments and an ever-intensifying UV index will persist throughout the week.

The first day of May, which of course also happens to be a public holiday, is set to be sunny and warm. A pleasant 23°C afternoon will give way to a mild 16°C in the evening, but the wind will slowly be picking up force, going up to Force 4 and 5. The southerly wind will only get worse towards the second half of the week, with Forces 5 and 6 across the board for both Wednesday and Thursday. 

Beyond the wind, Wednesday might also bring with it some isolated showers. Thursday is also set to be the coolest day of the week, with temperatures just barely making it to the 20°C mark.

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Original Photo by Chiara Patamia 

Thankfully for people who aren’t fans of long spells of warm weather, it looks like we’re only getting a brief teaser of summer for the time being.

The weekend will see the return of cloudy weather, and temperatures that never exceed 24°C (the highest of which is set to be Saturday). The UV Index will also bump down to 7 over the end of the week, while the wind will be calming down to Force 2 and 3 over Saturday and blowing from a northerly direction instead, making for a slightly fresher end to the week.

For anyone who’s been looking forward to summer, though, this might be the best teaser we’re getting for now. And who knows? It might also be time for your first swim!

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Original Photo by David Sant

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