These Six 'Snowmen' Were Born Yesterday Thanks To Last Night's Hail In Malta

The cold never bothered them anyway...

Screen Shot 2019 02 28 At 09 18 57

Some people didn't let last night's hail turn their frown upside down, so instead... they decided to build snowmen. OK, so technically their hailmen. Whatever.

Anyway, here are six snow people who were born yesterday thanks to last night's chill weather conditions (well, all the chills actually).

1. I'm his Elsa and he's my Olaf!


2. Ice Ice baby

A baby. Made out of ice!

3. Stylish snowman

Accessorised better than you!

4. The perfect duo

How fab!

5. An alternative hailman

That doesn't care if it's different!

6. Just laying there... chilling!

Screen Shot 2019 02 28 At 09 02 44

Thinking about his fate when the sun comes out...

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