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Thick Jackets At The Ready! This Week’s Weather In Malta Is A Winter Lover’s Paradise

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Massive hailstones, supercell thunderstorms and hurricane-strength winds might not be on the menu for Malta this week (because we are, after all, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean), but it’s sure looking like a great place to be for people who love winter.

Today’s grey, windy and relatively fresh start is set to be the mould for the rest of the week, with this afternoon’s highs of 16°C being the absolute warmest for a while.

As winds continue to pick up, climbing all the way back up to Force 6 by tomorrow, the temperature is set to drop, giving us lows of 10°C by Tuesday evening.

Following tomorrow’s windy bout, Wednesday is expected to bring isolated showers back to the islands, and while this should revert to merely cloudy days by Thursday, the windy and cold days aren’t expected to calm down any time soon.

Thick jackets at the ready, everyone!

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