This 147-Foot Tall Flag Pole Fell Over In Nadur Last Night And Is Just Casually Chilling In A Field

That's almost 150 Subway sandwiches tall

Pole Fall Rip Cover

So, the weather last weekend was pretty crazy. Between collapsing balconies and bridges, it's pretty clear that the Maltese islands are struggling to keep up with the ever-changing forecast.

The latest item to fall victim (pun very much intended) to the storm is a massive flag pole over at Ta' Kenuna in Nadur, Gozo.

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Photos by Anaca Photography

The pole is 147 feet tall, and fell over at around 6:45pm last night, probably being pushed over by the strong winds that hit the island last night.

In case you need any reference to just how tall that is, here is a list of things that would be 147 feet tall if you piled them on top of each other:

150 Subway sandwiches
19.5 Samuel Degauras
450 pastizzi
245 Twistees packets
3.5 Tallinja buses

Fallen Pole Rip

Thankfully, the fall did not cause any severe damage or power outages.

There is no word yet as to how the pole is going to be moved from the field, so for now it's just chilling there, next to the wires that fell with it.

Did you spot anything that got damaged over the weekend?

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