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This Weekend’s Weather In Malta Is Record-Breaking

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No, you’re not alone; it has been getting ridiculously hot in Malta lately. Even with the fourth heatwave on our islands underway, the weather is about to get a whole lot hotter. 

So much hotter, in fact, that this weekend is going to be the hottest of the year. For the next three days, the weather will simmer at 38°Cwith the apparent temperature climbing to 43°C. Yes, forty-freaking-three.

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To make matters worse, the wind will not be getting higher than Force 3, so there’s not too much of a breeze to look forward to. Add a constant UV 10 and relative humidities of around 97% (what?!) in places like Valletta, and we’re in for a long, hot weekend.

The temperature will be subsiding over next week… to five whole days of 39 and 40°C, so brace yourselves; summer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

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