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Umbrellas At The Ready! Looks Like A Wet And Thundery Week Is Heading To Malta

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Boom, baby! If you’ve been itching for some rain and thunder to hit Malta, this might just be your lucky week.

The weather forecast for this next couple of days is showing some serious probability of showers on practically every day this week, with particular attention being given to the first half. Add the potential of thunder into the mix, and we’re looking at something that’s finally way more autumny.

Of course, this is early October in Malta that we’re talking about, so don’t expect the temperatures to drastically drop any time soon. In fact, we’re looking at highs that still feel around 27°C for most of the week… but with lows of 20°C, moderate to strong winds that could breach Force 6 a couple of times, and not to mention all that water falling out of the sky, this week might just feel a little fresher than usual.

One thing’s for sure; you’re going to want to take your favourite umbrella out and put your favourite swimsuit in. 

Photo by Davina Fitness_Wanderlust

Featured Photo by Alistair Baldacchino

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