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Unlucky Streak? Here’s The Weather In Malta For This Gloomy Week… Including Friday The 13th

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Stormy weather and very strong winds are set to return to the Maltese Islands this week… culminating in a gloomy and windy end on Friday the 13th, no less.

Current forecasts are showing some extreme weather potentially making its way to Malta very soon, with thundery showers and strong winds predicted to hit any second and persist up till at least Wednesday.

Kicking off with northeasterly winds of Force 3, today will set off an increasingly gusty week, which will only continue to get worse.

The strongest winds are currently forecasted to hit Malta on Thursday, where northwesterly winds will be going all the way up to Force 8.

Reflecting the stormy, windy weather, the highest temperatures will barely be making it past 15°C, with Wednesday’s 17°C definitely feeling cooler thanks to the strong winds blowing all day long.

As for the evenings’ temperatures, lows will hover just over 10°C, so get ready to have your favourite thick jacket with you all the time.

For one of the unluckiest days of the year – if you do believe in all that – Friday the 13th is set to be rainy and still very windy, with northwesterly winds of Force 6 escalating to Force 7 as they turn to a more southerly direction.

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