Very Strong Winds And Thundery Showers Are Set To Hit Malta... Just In Time For The Weekend

Here's hoping you've had enough of this week's sunny spell

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Wardrobe malfunctions were on the rise this week in Malta, as a sunny but still significantly fresh couple of days came out of nowhere and hit the islands with bright, cold spells. If you were hoping for slightly more wintery weather, though, you're in luck. If you were planning a picnic this weekend, we've got some bad news.

Current weather forecasts are showing the return of rain and very strong winds this weekend in Malta, and it all kicks tomorrow with elevated chances of thundery moments.

The highs of 18°C will persist throughout the next couple of days, but as the wind gradually increases in strength, those lows of 13°C are soon going to start feeling much colder.

In fact, while Friday will kick off with a Force 2 Northeasterly wind, it'll only take around 24 hours for it to hit Force 6 and even Force 7 by Saturday.

The strong winds could persist all the way to Sunday, with Force 6 northwesterly gusts plummeting the islands right up to the start of next week.

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And if you thought that was scary, then you don't want to know what Monday's looking like

As it stands, the forecast for the beginning of next week is showing Force 8 winds. Yes, that's not a misprint.

It looks like Tuesday will also be very windy, with Force 6 and even 7 winds returning, but Wednesday 12 December is currently showing some calm, normal weather again, with a sunny and slightly warmer day ushering in Force 2 and 3 winds from the west.

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Seriously though, be wary of the wind over the next couple of days, and maybe hold off on going swimming or organising a picnic in any exposed areas of the island.

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