WATCH: A Strange Fog Has Just Descended All Over Gozo And Comino

Is that Gozo, or Silent Hill?

Images of heavy sea fog descending all over Gozo as well as parts of Northern Malta have turned the sister island into one creepy-looking scene.

The low-lying clouds covered whole swathes of land as people out enjoying their Saturday afternoon suddenly found themselves lost in a thick, random fog

Parts of Gozo seemed lost in a strange cloud straight out of Silent Hill

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With Comino seemingly next in line

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Malta wasn't spared, as a cloudy St. Paul's Bay could be seen from afar

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Photo: Marion Borg

As well as the wall of clouds that could be seen from Pembroke

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Photo: Alison Davies

Pictured above: Gozo right now

The fog is reportedly disappearing as suddenly as it came, and is probably just a natural phenomenon - but maybe we should send an exorcist up north for a quick visit just in case these sudden thick clouds start to become a regular thing.

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