WATCH: Not This Again! Thunder And Hail Returns To Malta Days After Historic Storm Ravaged Islands

Commuters rushed home fearing Medicane Dnegel 2.0

In the midst of what was looking like an eerily calm and sunny Wednesday a mere couple of days after a historic storm brought Force 10 winds, heavy rain and flying fish to the islands, Malta has this evening seen the return of bad weather... and many people are justly so apprehensive.

An hour or two after dark clouds gathered across coastal areas like Sliema and as many people got ready to drive back home, heavy rainfall and loud thunder returned to the islands, with hail even being reported in some areas in the south... including the Malta International Airport car park.

On the Malta Airport weather forecast page, another famililar omen from last weekend appeared in the form of a weather warning, this time simply notifying users that isolated thunderstorms and gusty showers would affect the islands till around 9pm tonight. As strong winds returned, temperatures started dropping, with the current low sitting at around 9°C.

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Photo by Theo Cachia

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Photo taken by Daniel Debattista in Mġarr

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Photo taken by Moira Plumpton in Fgura

With just under 48 hours to go until Carnival celebrations officially kick off around the islands, the weather for March's first weekend is looking better... but still substantially windy

As tomorrow (and the rest of the weekend) is set to be partly cloudy with relatively warm highs of 16°C that even make their way all the way up to 18°C by Sunday, strong winds might still put a dent in some revellers' plans.

Friday will kick off with westerly moments of Force 4 and 5, but by Saturday, more northerly gusts will push that number up by Force 6. Of course, with the islands having just suffered a Force 10 beating last weekend, many will not be dismayed by this relatively moderate forecast, but absolute care is still highly advisable.

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