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Weather Warning Issued Ahead Of Gale-Force Gusts Expected To Hit Malta This Weekend

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We might be a whole month into spring 2021, but you’d be forgived into forgetting. Strong winds are picking up again all over Malta… and they’re expected to continue hitting the islands in the coming days.

As spells of rain returned to some localities last night, various weather forecasters braced their readers for what’s set to be a very windy start to the weekend, with powerful gusts coming from anywhere from the southeast to the northwest.

“Are you ready?” Facebook forecasting page Malta Weather posted last night. “Strong ESE to ENE winds up to gale force at times are expected across Malta and Gozo today Thursday and tomorrow Friday!”

“Don’t leave your car parked under large trees or in exposed areas close to the sea,” the page warned. 

Meanwhile, the official Malta International Airport forecast has issued a yellow weather warning over the wind, which is set to climb as high as Force 6 later today and persist onto tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Friday evening will see the still-strong wind shift from southerly and easterly directions all the way to the northwest… only gradually dying down by the end of the weekend on Sunday.

With the forecast constantly updating, some more rain has even been added to today’s prediction.

Meanwhile, however, the temperature is set to persist at a balmy 20°C.

With Saturday’s gusty day being the only time Malta’s highs might budge just under 20°C, don’t expect this wind to make anything feel cooler.

Evenings won’t even offer that much respite, with today’s low of 15°C only dropping to 13°C at most.

And with the UV index creeping up to 9 by Saturday, this is a great opportunity to remember that, at the end of the day, summer is now less than two months away.

What do you make of this weekend’s weather forecast? Let us know in the comments and tag someone who’ll like it!

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