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Welcome Back 30s! June’s First Week In Malta Has Summer Written All Over it

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Sunny weather and summery temperatures are set to grace the islands for the first week of June in Malta, and it’s looking like last weekend’s rain and thunder is solidly behind us.

Today’s partly cloudy start will see warm highs of 24°C, but that number is only going to keep going up as the weekend approaches.

With this morning’s northwesterly winds of Force 3 and 4 steadily dying down and shifting to a more southeasterly direction, it’s going to start feeling much warmer pretty soon, with the day’s highs making it to 30°C by Friday.

Lows will also be steadily climbing, going from 17°C today to 21°C on Friday. Following suit will be the UV index, which is expected to never get lower than 9 and 10 throughout the week.

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