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We’re Just Getting Started! Blisteringly Strong FORCE 8 Winds Expected To Hit Malta This Weekend 🌬️

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Gusty winds have dominated most of this week in Malta, but it looks like the worst is yet to come!

Following today’s relatively calm day of only isolated showers and Force 4 winds, the weekend will see everything escalate all over again soon enough.

In fact, as of tomorrow, westerly winds are set to go up to Force 6 again. And while things might die down for a brief moment on Saturday, Sunday’s looking insanely gusty.

Sunday is set to see not only isolated showers return to the island, but also very strong northwesterly winds that could go all the way up to Force 8.

With Majjistral gusts already being nothing to scoff at, gale-force winds that strong definitely need to be treated with absolute care.

Be safe out there… and let’s make sure we don’t repeat last weekend’s events and have cars being swallowed by the sea again.

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Featured Image: Left Photo Screenshot from Alex Proshkin, Right Photo by Mark Sapienza

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