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Will It? Won’t It? Rain Should FINALLY Be Coming To Malta… But We’re Going To Have To Wait A Bit Longer

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Stormy weather did not make it to Malta this week after all, but it seems like a wet and possibly even thundery spell could finally be coming to the islands. The question, of course, is when.

First things first, it looks like most of this weekend is going to remain sunny for the most part, with persisting highs of 22°C and lows of 15°C making it a very fair couple of days.

As of Sunday, however, things might finally be changing. 

According to the Malta International Airport’s current forecast, isolated showers are expected to make their way to Malta by Sunday… but that could be just the beginning.

As the wind changes from southerly breezes to moderate gusts from the west and the northwest, the islands could be treated to windy, cloudy, rainy and even thundery days next week, with Tuesday and Wednesday currently looking the darkest. Add highs that barely make it to 20°C, and we could finally be looking at weather fitting for the last month of autumn.

Popular Facebook forecasters Malta Weather echoed this prediction, saying “it’s finally set to rain across Malta and Gozo from next week, with rain showers that may be thundery at times.”

Delving into the predicted rainy spell’s source, Malta Weather said the current forecast is due to an area of low pressure which is steadily moving across the Central Mediterranean.

So if you’ve been praying for rain in Malta for a while now, it seems like this Sunday is your earliest bet, but next Tuesday could be your best one.

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