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Wind Warning! After Today’s Warm And Sunny Spell, Malta Could Be In For A Very Eclectic Weekend

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After a stormy spell that lasted most of January 2021, today kicked off with a very sunny spell and gradually climbing temperatures. But while some of that might persist through the coming days, more wintry things are on the menu.

Today will see highs climb all the way up to 17°C, but as the weekend progresses, the wind will be gradually picking up all over again.

In fact, Saturday will end with westerly gusts of Force 6 that are set to see us all the way through Sunday.

Meanwhile, Saturday could even bring some showers with it, pushing the highest apparent temperature all the way down to 13°C again.

As for the evenings, strong winds will be pushing the temperature further down, with Sunday night promising lows of just 11°C.

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