Windy With A Chance Of More Showers: Here's What The Weather In Malta Is Looking Like This Week

By Sunday, we'll only be a month away from Christmas

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Black Friday might be on a lot of people's minds this week, but for the more festive among us (including yours truly), this weekend marks the unofficial start to a shameless Christmas countdown. As November comes to a close, here's what the weather in Malta is set to look and feel like.

Last weekend's strong winds are set to not only return, but also persist for most of the week, especially for the first half. Today's windy start (Force 4 and 5 southwesterly winds are set to go all the way up to Force 6 at times) will reach a peak tomorrow, with one other wet addition. In fact, Tuesday should be the rainiest day of the week, with isolated showers (chances of precipitation might get as high as 80%) and strong winds bringing in more wintery weather.

All throughout the week, daytime highs are set to stabilise at 22°C, with fresher evenings going from 17°C on Monday and Tuesday to 15°C starting from Wednesday.

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Black Friday will be bringing with it a mainly sunny day of milder winds, with Force 4 and 5 gusts going all the way down to Force 2 as the weekend kicks off.

By Saturday, however, the wind will pick up again, going from Force 3 in the afternoon all the way up to Force 5 and 6 on Sunday. The entirety of the weekend is set to be cloudy, but the islands should finally be in for a weekend with not much rain.

Oh, and don't forget; on Sunday, it'll officially be one month until Christmas

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