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Windy Wonderland: Malta’s Strong Winds Are Expected To Blow Through ‘Til Christmas Day

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If you think this wind is going to calm down any time soon then think again because we’re expecting up to Force 8-9 winds tonight and all the way up to tomorrow afternoon.

Malta International Airport has even issued a Northwest gale warning until 10pm tonight. It seems like Santa might have to hire some extra reindeers for his flight this year as Malta’s windy weather just won’t let up.

While no rain is expected over the next few days, we sure will be getting our fair share of wind and some of Malta’s coldest days of the year yet, reaching a low of 12°C.

Though it has been quite breezy today it hasn’t been anything close to dangerous. In fact, the windy weather made for some amazing shots this afternoon, showing just how ruthless Mother Nature can be at times…

It might not be the sunny or cold Christmas people normally look forward to this year but the strong winds sure do give us more of an excuse to stay inside and eat and drink all day long.

Just remember to leave Santa a lil bit more whiskey and the reindeers some more carrots because they’ll be in for a rough night!

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