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WEEKLY NEWS ROUND-UP: Blue badges, Brexit and Bullying

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From Luciano Busuttil and his blue badge, to Trump’s outrageous first days in the Oval Office, it has indeed been a busy week.

Monday – 23.01.2017

On Monday morning, the Luciano Busuttil blue badge handbag fight had already started, and imagine his surprise on checking his missed calls list.  

With Brexit talks hotting up, it seems that David Jones, the UK’s Minister for Brexit (that’s a thing, yes) took a swipe at our Joseph’s attitude towards the matter. 

Meanwhile, statistics show that Malta is losing about €274 million because of its majorly detested traffic problem. Maybe we should take a leaf out of Paris’ book and introduce this system

Graphic presentations at the National Sport School by anti-abortion activists sparked outrage across Malta. And on the international spectrum, ex-French President Hollande suffered a defeat at the man dubbed to be the French Bernie Sanders

Trump also signed new executive orders, shocking many as he withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, revoked funding to overseas pro-abortion bodies, and froze federal hiring. 

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Tuesday – 24.01.2017

Tuesday was a ‘good’ day for Maltese politics on the basis that most of Malta managed to get behind PN Deputy Leader Mario Demarco after his heart wrenching interview on Times Talk. His interview followed an article alluding to his absence on the political scene.

Even Labour mudslinger Glenn Beddingfield published a post showing support, though not from his own pen. Lovin Malta’s Christian Peregin wrote an opinion piece on why Demarco would indeed be an ideal leader.  

With a harsh blow to our nimble Maltese hearts, studies showed that our beloved mqarrun, especially those coveted crispy ones could be cancer-inducing. On a brighter note, Theresa May lost in the Supreme Court, meaning that there is the slightest of possibilities that Brexit may yet be avoided. And as a possible answer towards David Jones’ earlier comments on the subject, Deputy Labour Leader Louis Grech says that talks need to be ‘fair and pragmatic’. 

Oh, and we found a Donald Trump frogfish lookalike.

Screen Shot 2017 01 29 At 14 23 56

Wednesday – 25.01.2017

On Wednesday news broke that Malta had been ranked 47th in Transparency International’s Corruption Index, ten places lower than last year. Many would attribute this to the Panama Papers conundrum, but One News had a different ‘Thake’ on things. (I’ll see myself out) 

Minister Joe Mizzi claimed that only 5% of Maltese busses were late, but was he right

Simon’s sweetheart Salvu seems to be the next Nostradamus as he claims that the PN have already won the election. Meanwhile, Jason Azzopardi seems to be another Maltese politician intent on keeping journalists from doing their jobs. 

Apparently Trump doesn’t have any conflict of interests. He’s also reminded the media of how much they love him, at just about at the same time he was signing an executive order to build his famous wall

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Thursday – 26.01.2017

Jason Azzopardi apologised to the journalists he had reported, and Nationalist MEP David Casa was told off for attempting to question Konrad Mizzi about corruption during his grilling at the EP.  Politico even published an article about our MEPs running away from these corruption related questions

As an attempt to battle traffic the Marsa Junction is getting a facelift in the near future. Meanwhile, the Trump-May relationship was initiated a day before they held a press conference together during May’s visit to Washington. Oh and, Trump also stated that ‘torture works’. 

The US President’s relationship with the Mexican President is already in turmoil, who would have guessed? 

Heartbreaking footage of a migrant dying while people laughed at him emerged, making all of us question what is left of humanity.

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Friday – 27.01.2017

Trump broke May’s heart as he declared Farage to be his favourite British politician. The heartbreak continued on Friday as we found out that our beloved reggae bar Juuls was leaving the island.  

Political carnage (Trump’s word of the week) is the best way to describe Friday. The man leading UKIP this week has stated that waterboarding is ‘okay’ with him. Ex-Soviet Leader Gorbachev also warns the world that war may be on the horizon. And Luciano Busuttil was also torn apart for having abused of his power, with some even asking for his resignation

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Saturday – 28.01.2017

True to his word, Trump signed an executive order banning the entry of refugees from seven muslim countries. Which Theresa May did not condemn

The dispute between the Vatican and the Order of the Knights of Malta seems to have come to an amicable ending. In a clear contrast to the chivalry of the knights, former Italian statesman Berlusconi faces new charges of sex bribery

True to his promises of bringing new ideas to Maltese politics, Joseph Muscat shows initiative with his approach towards migration. Whilst a younger member of the local community released a video confessional that quickly earned her a role as Malta’s newest spokesperson for the problem of bullying on the islands.

Screen Shot 2017 01 29 At 14 28 43

Sunday – 29.01.2017

A shocking accident caused one fatality in Marsa after a car exploded this morning

In an attempt to remove Merkel from her position, the German Social Democrats have chosen Schulz to champion their campaign

And lastly, Alternattiva Demokratika have written to the US Ambassador, stating their concern regarding Trump’s actions. And American judges seem to hold the same opinion of Trump, and are blocking deportations.  

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Tag a friend you know is lazy with current affairs. They’ll thank you for it!

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