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WEEKLY NEWS ROUND-UP: Power-cuts, Presidents and New-Age Duels

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Monday – 16.01.2017

In the small hours of Monday morning, a power cut left most of Malta in darkness to the dismay of many a University student attempting some late night last minute cramming. Meanwhile it appears that while attempting to increase stability in the price of fuel, the hedging made by the Government backfired resulting in diesel users paying 5c more per litre in 2016.

Minister for Justice Owen Bonnici started off a week-long battle between both parties about a loan from Zaren Vassallo, after calling journalists for a press release at 7.30am. The PN answered to this claim later on in the day…

Trump also gave a shocking take on the EU, stating that more countries will leave.

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Tuesday – 17.01.2017

The battle over the MAP seems to be still alive as news that a judicial protest was filed against it hit on Tuesday. Equally controversial, Theresa May’s announcement that the UK was to leave the single market, leading to some pretty savage banter in parliament the next day.

The Zaren argument was continued by the Labour Party accusing the Nationalists of lying about the repayment of the debt. And with a ray of hope for Maltese politics, we were introduced to Brendan Zerafa, the Maltese student who worked on Bernie Sander’s campaign.

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Wednesday – 18.01.2017

Both parties have started to move into election mode, with Labour MPs warning the church, and the PN further endorsing Salvu Mallia after an ‘emergency meeting’. Labour obviously had their own take on it. The Imam seems to have missed the way euthanasia and suicide work when he said that they should be punishable law.

On a brighter note, the Transport Malta is working on making sure that our environment is duly protected.

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Thursday – 19.01.2017

Further political maneuvers were made by the PN in allowing candidates to host programmes, meaning that Salvu will be on Net Television.

Two horrifying accidents happened this Tuesday, an avalanche in Italy and a tower collapse in Tehran. And in Malta, the MAP battle was revived by a gynae who believes that WHO are mistaken about the pill.

Simon Busuttil also seems to have realised the mistake he made in attacking the European Commission, and took back his previous comments. #backtrack

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Friday – 20.01.2017

January 20th was the historic date when President Trump took office, attracting a whopping 31 million in US television viewers. Protests and Anti-Trump rallies broke out – even in Malta, right in the middle of Sliema front. The inauguration had a phenomenal line up, including Three Doors Down performing a cover of All Star by Smash Mouth. Meanwhile,reference to climate change was removed from the White House’s website.

Pro-MAP activists were victorious on Friday in Malta as two types of pills were approved.

Politicians seem to forget that the press does its job in publishing articles, and insist on filing cases against news portals. And Salvu Mallia was also challenged by Helena Dalli’s hubby in an attempt to fight for her honour. At Caffe Cordina. Over a plate of pastizzi? The horrors of duelling Patrick Dalli seem to have scared off Salvu as he “bactracks” from meeting his challenger.

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Saturday – 21.01.2017

President Trump signed an order attempting to repeal Obamacare in his first day of Presidency, whilst protestors were still at large in Washington.

Meanwhile, Erdogan is attempting to acquire more power. To add to political dramas, Minister for Education Evarist Bartolo, and Nationalist reject turned Labour stowaway JPO hosted a ‘statement’ (read: mudslinging at Simon Busuttil) at the restaurant Bacchus in Mdina

Our own Roberta Metsola was elected an EPP coordinator within the civil liberties committee. Simon Busuttil also promises to re-negotiate the controversial Zonqor American University deal, in addition to launching a full environmental proposal.

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Sunday – 22.01.2017

Maltese people seem to be doing well in Europe this week, what with Roberta Metsola being elected into the ranks of the EPP, and our very own Prime Minister now being hinted to replace Donald Tusk as President of the European Council.

Speaking of Presidents, Trump has lashed out at the media for purposely showing an emptier field during his inauguration speech. Though, the Pope does still seem hopeful about Trump’s administration.

Protesters against Trump are resilient, though their cause seems to be lost. Also, the new democratically elected President of Gambia was victorious over Yahya Jammeh, Gambia’s leader for the past 22 years.

During Malta’s EU Presidency, Joseph Muscat has made it his mission to battle immigration, and proposed a deal which would push the EU’s borders further south.

To the despair of many liberals, Government whip Godfrey Farruiga insists that abortion and euthanasia are definitely off the table

Moving away from politics, the tragedy-struck Brazilian football team Chapecoense have returned to the field, and played their first game after the crash. To honour the 71 victims, the game was paused on the 71st minute as players and supporters stood and clapped in their memory.

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