Which Country’s Tourists Spend Most Money In Malta?

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Have you been wondering which tourists you should be smiling at the hardest? Ever pondered which holiday-maker should get the coldest Kinnie? Well, Australian and American tourists usually spend close to double what Hungarian and Italian tourists typically spend according to data released by the NSO detailing the January to June 2017 period.

Tourists from northern European countries also tend to spend more when compared to visitors from Southern or Eastern Europe.

Total Expenditure

Slightly over 1 million tourists visited the islands in the time period spanning January to June of this year – with the most numerous age group being visitors between 25 to 44.

96% of visitors arrived by air, while only 4% arrived by sea – primarily cruise ship. 85% of all tourists were from inside the EU.

The total expenditure also remains mostly the same on subtracting the cost of transportation; the order of the above graph might be simply because airfare from the United States or Australia is be higher compared to the European Union. This however did not prove to be the case, with the order of the countries remaining relatively unchanged. 

Total Expenditure Exc Air

Through dividing the total cost of transportation to get to Malta by the total expenditure per tourist, we can calculate just how much of the money spent on the holiday was forked out on transport alone. For instance, if the total cost of a holiday is 1000 euros, and the cost of transportation was 100 euros, transportation amounted to 10% of a visitor’s costs.


When doing this, it becomes clear that for visitors from within the European Union, 19% to 28% of their total costs are simply getting here. Things are slightly different for visitors from the United States and Australia however, with 36% and 37% respectively of the total expenditure being spent on transport costs.

Interestingly, Australian and American tourists also tend to spend more money after getting here.

Tag a foreign friend from one of the mentioned countries... you can pretend they're an exception to the rule!

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