Will Thursday Be The Most Crowded Day Malta Has Ever Seen?

It's predicted to be a record-breaking number

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We hope you're not a fan of personal space because this coming Thursday, it's gonna be crowded AF. The Malta International Airport (MIA) has said it is expecting to handle over twenty-six thousand passengers in a single day.

Granted, some of those are going to be Maltese people going on holiday. But Malta has received record-breaking tourist levels every year for the past few years, and the biggest spikes are always in August. 

So if you're feeling a little claustrophobic this week don't worry, it's not just you. Because of the record-breaking amount of tourists we've received this year, and that this Thursday is going to be the airport's busiest day, we could be looking at the highest number of people Malta has held at any time, ever.

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Last year’s busiest day was Tuesday the 16th of August with 22,908 passengers (slightly more than the entire population of Birkirkara) coming and going at once. 

Tourism is one of the biggest driving forces of our economy, now more than ever people are looking to get away and visit our little slice of home. And well, who can blame them?

MIA is recommending anyone who plans to travel on Thursday take extra precautions. The parking lot is expected to be filled so either have someone drive you or catch a taxi, and make sure you have all your papers ready so you don't hold up the line. It's going to be crowded and hot, so try and keep your cool.

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