Police Say They DID Investigate Wiz Khalifa For Smoking Weed Openly In Malta

No "criminal offence" resulted


US rapper Wiz Khalifa WAS investigated by the police in Malta after he published a Snapchat photo of him smoking weed a day before the Isle of MTV concert last week.

The photo was captioned: "Smoking a joint in Blue Lagoon today."

A number of people took to social media after the concert to criticise the double standards shown by the police when they arrested almost a dozen young concertgoers with cannabis possession while taking no action against the rapper.

Now, the police have told Lovin Malta they did investigate the international superstar but their investigation didn't lead anywhere. 

"Please note that case has been investigated by the Police. No criminal offence results regarding the post uploaded on Facebook (sic)," the police told Lovin Malta.

Maybe they were looking at the wrong social media channel.

Wiz Blue

Meanwhile, the police also confirmed that 101 people have been arrested on simple cannabis possession (less than 3.5 grams) over the past three months alone, despite the supposed drug reform which was intended to shift the police's focus onto catching the big fish rather than hounding small drug users.

Asked why nothing has changed since the law was amended last year, the police said: "Kindly note that the simple possession of cannabis was and still is a criminal offence, therefore the Police investigate all such cases."

Confused much?

Wiz 2

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