World's Largest Food Retail Eyes 23 Stores In Malta, First Supermarket Already Accepting Customers

SPAR is heading to Malta


The world's largest food retail chain SPAR has set its sights on Malta, and will open 23 stores across the island by 2025.

Marsaxlokk was the chosen location for the brand's national debut, with a new space spanning a total of 340m2 opening yesterday, June 12th. The next supermarket will be opened in Tigne by the end of June.

SPAR partnered with Azzopardi Group to bring the retail chain to Malta, and plans on opening two 'hypermarkets', four 'supermarkets' and 17 'neighbourhood stores' over the next seven years.

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SPAR, which started as a small, Dutch store now boasts 12,700 outlets worldwide and global retail sales of €34.5 billion. In a statement, the company said that the “store formats will cater to the diverse needs of both the resident and tourist populations throughout [Malta]".

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