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Would You Like Fumes With That? Valletta Restaurant Left ‘Exasperated’ Over Trucks Inches Away From Diners

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Imagine dining out for the first time after months of partial lockdown, only for a nice big truck to saunter by with a dash of fumes to go with your sauteed rabbit liver and red wine jus.

That’s what some diners experienced yesterday evening as they dined in the streets of Malta’s capital, leading one Maltese chef to take to Facebook and ask for a solution to this mess.

“We have been told to reopen restaurants. I have worked very hard to organize this evening at my restaurant to perhaps play my part in boosting said economy, and my own business of course. This was a success, guests came, and then this. Are you all aware of this?” Maltese chef Christopher Diacono said yesterday evening.

Diacono, who runs Mezzodi Valletta as well as Giuseppe’s Bar & Bistro, wondered why the trucks were allowed or scheduled to pass through the streets of Valletta during the evening, just as restaurants try their best to reopen and attract guests.

“Isn’t there a better time for them to pass?” Diacono asked.

“I’m just a little exasperated sitting here watching my guests eat fumes.”

Diacono asked for a better solution to the situation Valletta restaurateurs are facing as Malta tries to boost its economy.

“I’m sure together we could find a better solution to this,” he asked while tagging the Malta Tourism Authority, the Planning Authority and  the Valletta local council.

What do you think of this smelly situation?

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