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You Can Now Get Funded To Green Up Your Grey Maltese Facades

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A new green scheme looks to turn grey, built-up residential areas in Malta into healthier spaces to live in.

Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia has unveiled the initiative called “Green your building”, which looks to finance the introduction of green facades, walls and the green retrofitting of front gardens of home, shop and office owners across the islands.


“Studies clearly show that green infrastructure can substantially mitigate the adverse impacts that urbanisation and densely populated areas have on the environment, resulting in better air quality, water management and biodiversity protection. Having greener streetscapes supports mental health and encourage people to walk more,” Minister Farrugia explained. 

 The scheme by the Planning Authority promises to refund 100% of the eligible works, including all costs associated with labour works, material, hire of equipment, a 5-year maintenance plan and professional and consultancy fees.

Grants of up to €10,000 can be given per project.

Requests for funding open on Monday 15th February and are to be made by architects through the PA’s online e-Application system. The scheme is granted on a first-come-first-served basis and will close on 9th April or when the allocated €2 million is taken up.

Find out more at [email protected]. The terms and conditions may be downloaded from the PA’s website.

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