You Weren't Imagining It: Last Weekend's Powerful Storm Was A Maltese Record

It was the first strong gale in Malta's weather record books

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Last weekend's storm certainly felt like one of the strongest in living memory, and this has now been confirmed by a meteorologist at the airport’s Met Office.

“From the records I could find, this was the first time winds reached a force of between 8 and 9,” Brian Micallef told TVM.

The Beaufort scale lists wind force 8 as a gale and wind force 9 as a strong gale, a mere three notches below a hurricane.

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Photo: Malta Weather

The gale, which has affectionately been named Dnegel, wrecked havoc across Malta yesterday, destroying several trees and seafront buildings and floating hundreds of fish towards the streets of Xemxija.

Parliamentary secretary Aaron Farrugia confirmed that talks are ongoing with the European Commission that could see Malta tap into the EU’s European Solidarity Fund to pay for the damages caused by the storm.

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