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You Will Be Able To Drive Through A Flyover In Marsa In Just A Few Months’ Time

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The ambitious Marsa flyover project is starting to take shape and drivers will get to experience it for the first time in just a few months.

Transport Minister Ian Borg announced today that the construction of the first two of the seven flyover structures, connecting Triq Giuseppe Garibaldi to Triq Aldo Moro, has officially commenced and will be completed by the end of summer.

“This is the largest investment on any single artery in the Maltese road network and will forever transform the way the country looks at road infrastructure,” Borg said.

“This development will eliminate traffic light waiting times and related congestion emissions for over 100,000 road users who travel through this junction every day. This is a project which has been long awaited by the thousands of residents and workers who everyday need to travel to and from the south, and who for years suffered from unbearable traffic congestion and poor air quality.”


“Our country could never continue functioning with an infrastructure which is not coherent to our times and in relation to the demands of our times. An appropriate infrastructure is essential for our country to continue progressing. Less time in traffic quantifies into economic gain for the individual, companies and families.”

Contractors are currently excavating and casting the first clusters of over 460 concrete and steel piles requires to support the seven flyovers’ 42 pillars. These columns will in turn support 350 horizontal beams, ranging from 25 to 35 metres long, to form the flyover structure.

The project will also involve the installation of 13.5km of underground water, sewage, storm water, electricity, internet and other telecommunications underground networks.

It will also include 1.6km of new footpaths and bicycle lanes, three pedestrian bridges, new bus lanes, four new bus lay-bys, a 380-space park and ride facility and 250 new street lamps.

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