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Żejtun Community Group Disappointed After Care For Garden Outsourced To Contractor 

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The Żejtun community group Wirt iż-Żejtun has expressed its disappointment at discovering that a third-party contractor has been engaged to care for a garden in which the group has planted, and cared for, hundreds of trees.

Wirt iż-Żejtun said it would no longer be taking care of the small garden situated in the area named San Klement after this morning it found out that a private company had been engaged to do so by Infrastructure Malta. The heritage group was not informed of this decision, it said.

“It is worth noting that our group started taking care of this space with the permission and approval of the Żejtun local council in November 2019, when with the assistance of The Grow 10 Trees Group and other volunteers, we planted 100 trees and bushes. Last November we planted another 100 trees,” the group said in a Facebook post.

“Over the past months we continued to voluntarily care for this space, in the most ecologically-sensitive manner, and we have used much of our work for education purposes.”

The group said it had dedicated a lot of time and effort to the trees, especially to make sure they were watered during the summer months.

“As a voluntary organisation, we are annoyed and disappointed at Infrastructure Malta’s attitude towards our voluntary work and towards our organisation. It is for this reason that as a group we have no alternative but to let Infrastructure Malta continue caring for it, through contractors paid for by our taxes.”

The NGO thanked all those that had contributed to its efforts and to those who had appreciated its work.

What do you make of this sudden change?

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