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‘We’re Not Scared Of Anyone’, Says Żurrieq Deputy Mayor After Discovering ‘Secret’ Plans To Carry Out Village Statue At 10pm

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‘Secret’ plans to carry out Żurrieq’s traditional Madonna statue late at night were called out by the Deputy Mayor Natius Farrugia who said that he’s “not scared of anyone”.

These covert plans were established following the cancellation of the traditional village feast, due to COVID-19 restrictions, and upon discovering them, Farrugia took to Facebook to condemn the secrecy and invite the whole of the village to watch the occasion anyway.

Farrugia questioned the sly activities, asking why they would plan to hold such an event at 10pm when the statue was going to be carried out anyway.

“Was this the decision of the Curia?” Farrugia frustratedly probed.

“This could be organised at any time of day or night because the statue can’t come out alone,” he continued.

He then passionately called all the villagers to show up at this not-so-secret event. 

“Everyone come with all your force, we’re not afraid of anything or anyone.”

A number of Żurrieq residents shared his post and pledged to show up at the occasion.

What do you think about the secret plans?

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