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7 People We’d Be Glad To See Dragged Off Every Maltese Flight

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As social media has worked itself into a tizzy over the violent assault of a United Airlines passenger, it seemed the thing that shocked people the most is the fact that the person in question did nothing to provoke the reaction.

But if Maltese flights are anything to go by, there are a few people we wouldn’t be overly upset to see knocked off the flight. Here are seven of them.

1. People who don’t properly stack their bags and when you open the compartment they folonyou

Congrats, you are the reason we have the worst sound bite in the history of voice acting.


2. People who make the bezzun joke

We get it, they no longer give out free meals… but we’ve heard every iteration of the joke and it’s time to stop trying so hard.


3. People who pay €10 extra for priority and act like they’re boarding Air Force One 

You’re probably entitled to an extra orange juice and a smile, not a mani-pedi and butler service.

Mariah Plane

4. People who cough their way across the sky

Nothing says incubator like a tightly sealed metal pod, hurtling through the sky and recycling air for hours on end.

Sick On Plane

5. The drunk guys starting their bachelor’s weekend in Paceville as early as possible

We get it lads, you’re going to have a smashing time in Malta (featuring all the banter) but please save it for the dark corners of Havana.

Screen Shot 2014 07 15 At 12 17 33 Am

6. The person who has told you their entire life story in painstaking detail

From their first day of Primary School, to their A level results, these people will take any excuse to strike up a conversation.


7. Or the person who hasn’t stopped making racist jokes under their breath and looking to you for approval

We get it Mary, you saw an Arabic person a few rows ahead. Time to put your rosary beads away.

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