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6 Surprising Facts About Malta’s Traffic Fines

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The number of people caught using their phones while driving shot up last year, according to a report by Times of Malta. But these facts that emerged from the Parliamentary Questions will probably surprise you more.

1. Only 54 people were fined for driving under the influence

That’s right – only one person a week was fined for driving drunk in 2015. On any given night there’s at least 54 people leaving to drive their bae to some dark corner of Pembroke from Havana alone.


It’s just pre pre-drinks drinks

2. While 41 parking fines were handed out daily

Even though our street could probably earn those 41 fines alone, it’s a fair bit better than the supposed weekly drunk driver. 

It seems things are looking up for those annoyed at the way we park! According to the report 15,116 parking fines were given out for 2015, that’s 6200 less than 2013.



3. Six people were fined for leaving their vehicle open

That’s right – apparently you can get fined if your vehicle is open and unattended. One person also had to cough up for not having mudflaps, while 375 fines were doled out for dirty or broken down cars.


Shit, did I leave my windows open?

4. There are still 5,000 people who don’t wear their seat belt

Seriously, how is this not second nature yet?



5. 2015 was apparently the best year to drive in Malta

With 14,605 less tickets than in 2013, and 4,816 less than 2014, it seems like there’s been no better time to be driving on our roads! Will 2016 continue this trend?

This Is Fine

6. Unless you count the tripling of ‘not in control’ fines since 2013

With 6,624 fines handed out for not being in control of the vehicles, that’s more than three times 2013’s 2,031. That’s some pretty reckless driving.


What’s the worst thing you ever got a ticket for? Tell us in the comments on Facebook!

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