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Let’s Celebrate The Good Guys Who Made Today Happen And Repay Them With Decency And Courage

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Today was a good day for Malta.

We are a very important step closer to justice for the horrific murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Just over two years after her assassination, we now have an alleged mastermind in custody. And he already seems to have incriminated himself by trying to flee the country in his yacht when he saw his fate coming.

Despite all the doubts in Malta’s rule of law – many of which are more than justified – the structures built by our forefathers seem to have started to pull through in the end.

Thankfully, good people exist within our institutions – people who are ready to sacrifice their own wellbeing to do their jobs properly, even when they are under extreme pressure to look the other way.

It is important to take stock of this success and celebrate the men and women of goodwill, wherever they exist, across our police force, army, secret service, judiciary, government, opposition, press and general public.

It is these people who built our nation into the democracy it is – a country that in many ways remain the envy of many.

The hard work and passion of these people often makes up for the many blemishes left by the selfish few.

But the best way to thank such people of goodwill is to share in their example. It is therefore time to take a long, hard look at ourselves and determine which side we are on.

Are we working every day to leave a better country for our children? Or are we simply focused on our own short term benefit and self-preservation?

This is a question I hope many people in the Labour Party are asking themselves today, because it is in their power to bring the situation in the country back to normal.

Today was a bittersweet day for them.

On the one hand, they are filled with pride at the progress of the murder investigation that so few people had faith in.

On the other hand, they know this investigation would have never needed to happen if decisive action had been taken against two of their own on day one.

Three sons would still have their mother and all the pain, division and international embarrassment our nation experienced over the past years could have been avoided.

But that is now the unchangeable past. It is the future that remains within our control.

Today went some way to prove that justice and truth catches up with even the most untouchable people. They can go from immortal to pathetic in just a few hours.

And this is what people of goodwill within the Labour Party must remember.

It is they who can legitimately seize power back from those who have abused it to the point that we can no longer enjoy the peace and prosperity we know, worked hard for and deserve.

Those who truly love their party, their government and their country must remember that they have the agency to effect real change.

To do this, they must keep in mind that those who seem untouchable today, will be nobodies tomorrow if the righteous people step up to the plate and do what needs to be done.

Like our nation, the Labour Party has strong foundations built on the hard work of honourable people. Like our nation, it can pull through even after the toughest of times.

But like our nation, it needs the good guys to do what is right, even when it seems scary to do so. And even when it seems too late. It is not.

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