Latest Politics Survey Reveals Which Leader Has Gained Most Trust With Our Readers

This is how our readers plan to vote

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Results from our third Big Politics Survey are in. We once again asked readers to provide insight into their previous voting tendencies, thoughts on the current election, and where their political allegiances lie. 

Comparing the answers to the same survey we launched two weeks ago, we took a look at which party Lovin Malta readers are gravitating to.

Here's a summary of what we found out from the results. 

1. Our Respondents

This time around we got a total of 2,507 respondents, compared to 3,503 two weeks ago. Again, the survey was answered mostly by people under the age of 29, and there were slightly more male respondents than female. 

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2. Upcoming Election

In both surveys the Nationalist Party (PN) was selected as the one respondents would vote for if the election were happening "today". Two weeks ago, survey had PN in the lead with 54%; 2% of the respondents said they were still to young to vote, and another 2% said they wouldn't be voting for their own reasons. 

In our more recent survey, 60% said they vote give their vote to PN. Whilst 1% still say they don't know who they will be voting for, the amount of people who are not voting for their own reasons remains at 2%.

Upcoming Vote Compare

2. Voting Trends

We asked our readers which party got their number one vote in the last general election (March 2013). Two weeks ago majority of respondents (41%) claimed to have given it to a PN candidate, whilst a quarter of the respondents gave their number one to a Labour Party (PL) candidate – these numbers have both slightly dropped in our latest survey. Meanwhile there were more people who were too young to vote in 2013 answering the survey this time round.

2013 Voting 3

3. Traditional Political Background

We also asked our readers to let us know which political party their family most closely associated with. There was a slight increase in respondents with a PN background in our most recent survey. 

Partisanbackground 3

4. Trust

When we asked which politicians our readers placed their trust in the most, the answers showed an increase for PN leader Simon Busuttil and a decrease for PL leader Joseph Muscat. The 'I don't know' response is still around the 5% mark. 

Trust 3 Copy

6. Major concerns

When asked to select the issues that matter most to how they intend to vote in the next election, three major concerns remained unchanged from two weeks ago. Corruption was the leading issue that readers were concerned with – this hasn't changed since February (that's when we launched out very first survey). Jobs and education were the second and third most important issues for respondents. The environment came in at a close fourth for the most important issue for voters this time round. 


In terms of which politicians our readers believe to be most corrupt – more respondents have selected PL leader Joseph Muscat, with a 6% increase since the last survey. Arnold Cassola remains the least corrupted politician in the eyes of our readers. 

Corruption 3

Look out for our last Big Politics Survey for this year's campaign, and tag a friend you think should participate!

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