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Dissecting A Maltese Trump Supporter

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The world needs Donald Trump. Or at least, that’s what 38-year-old Maltese right-winger Malcolm Seychell believes. He was once deputy leader to the short-lived political party Azzjoni Nazzjonali. Today, he spends a lot of time on Facebook defending Trump’s actions and warning Europe about underestimating America’s great new leader. We asked him why. 

“Obama promised change but he changed nothing,” Seychell tells Lovin Malta. “He brought up the debt of America to $19 trillion, continued supporting wars abroad and financed rebels in other countries, most of whom turned out to be ISIS members. So when Trump said he wouldn’t interfere with other countries, that he wanted a good relationship with Russia, and that he’d curb illegal immigration, I started following him.”

He believes Trump is the only president addressing the real issues of the people. He also appreciates the US president’s ability to dismiss the criticism of “mainstream media, elite people, businesses and religious leaders”.

“Trump got elected solely on what he promised and not because he was ‘bought’ by various lobby groups. He financed himself so he is not obliged to do what others want, but only what he thinks is good for America,” Seychell says. 


“He is politically incorrect, that’s one of the main reasons he was elected”

Trump, Twitter and women

We asked Seychell where he stands on Trump’s degrading comments about women and disabled people. He hits back with what he deems to be media spin and overreaction.

“The media tried to put him in a bad light. I am sure all men talk that way, and today the same can be said about how women talk about men in private. On disabled persons, he wasn’t making fun. If there was a journalist spreading fake news and he was disabled, he just answered him back. He treated him like all journalists.”

Seychell defends Trump’s public relations style, and says his dialogue with the public via Twitter is just a way for him to give his people the truth.

“He is politically incorrect, that’s one of the main reasons he was elected. Twitter is his messenger since mainstream media can never quote him correctly or be fair with him.”

“He also is not afflicted with the disease of political correctness which has become a cancer in Western society. Political correctness is nothing but thought control. Things which are perfectly common sense, ruled out because some imaginary victim feels offended by facts. It transforms the phantom victim into a big bully. Trump has reversed most of this nonsense.”

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Corruption and nuclear weapons

We asked Seychell if he worries about Trump’s business background and the opportunity that creates for corruption. Is his business background likely to allow for situations similar to what happened when Maltese politicians mixed business with politics?

“The fact that Trump is a billionaire makes him more valid to lead a country. What degree do you need today to be a good politician? Being a puppet of the media and NGOs?”

“He did what he did for America. He was rich enough to keep on living his good life. Why go into this trouble if not for your people? Corruption is more likely to happen when you have people in government who are incompetent and have to make a living out of politics. Corruption in Malta started when we became a republic. Whether it is the Nationalist or Labour party, we have it all the time.”

Seychell also isn’t worried about Trump having full knowledge of nuclear codes: “He’s not stupid and will not use nuclear weapons for no reason.”

“Corruption is more likely to happen when you have people in government who are incompetent and have to make a living out of politics”

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The immigration ban

The world was rocked by the executive order Trump issued to bar nationals of seven Muslim countries from entering the USA. But Seychell sees things in a different light.

“It is not a Muslim ban. It’s a ban against countries who have problems with terrorism. The US of the last decades was built on legal and skilled migrants, not on illegal and criminal migrants. The ban is for 90 days in order to carry out better checks. If I were a Muslim who wanted security and peace, I would support this ban. In fact there are Muslims who support Trump.”

Seeing as the Muslim ban has now been deemed to be unconstitutional, does Seychell believe Trump will be as effective as he first claimed on this front?

“Who instigated that court action? The usual meddlers, the international manipulators led by the likes of Soros and Schumer. There is an appeal. Values change and constitution norms should change if needed. The problem with today’s fake democracy is that as soon as some elite do not like something, they say it cannot be changed. Isn’t that dictatorship?”

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Russia and Europe

Seychell’s views on Trump and Russia are straightforward – Russia is a super power, Trump isn’t going to mess with it. Russian president Vladimir Putin should be kept happy, and a good relationship between Russia and USA is beneficial for everyone.

“Before Obama left office he tried everything to make Putin angry and retaliate, and if possible start a war. Putin was smart enough to wait. Why can’t Russia and America have a good relationship? Putin, who like every leader who puts the people of his country first, has been treated unfairly by mainstream media.”

Seychell also believes that Europe will follow suit in terms of support for Trump’s kind of vision. 

“In Europe all mainstream parties and media are more or less the same. All in favour of illegal immigration, criminals, extreme social services, no borders, passing further power to Brussels, passing laws to silence people who are against certain issues. Basically we are seeing a Europe moving more towards an USSR style governance, rather than a truly democratic one. So many common citizens today are seeing the only real option as the far right.”

So does Seychell think all European countries should elect right-wingers like Trump to restore order and balance?

“It is the only choice available. Traditional parties are just puppets of the EU. Nobody will dare challenge the EU and its degeneration,” he says. And on whether Trump and the EU can work together, he says Trump has a very difficult task to put back in order the US. 

“As a true nationalist he puts the country interest first, so he will concentrate on the US. The arrogance from the EU already started and some leaders said that they have reservations with working with him. My prediction is that in the next few years Europe will go through civil wars to get back on its feet.”

He says the only choice available for Europe is to elect right wingers like France’s Marine Le Pen.

“It is the only choice available. Traditional parties are just puppets of the EU. Nobody will dare challenge the EU and its degeneration. The European Union will cease to exist in a few years if it doesn’t change. The unelected leaders in Brussels learnt nothing from Brexit and the Trump win. They became even more arrogant and isolated. So I cannot see a bright future for us and Europe in general.”

“Many common citizens today are seeing the only real option as the far right”

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What Malta can learn from Trump

So what, in his opinion, does Malta need to learn from Trump’s leadership style? 

“We have a lot to learn. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat promised a lot before the election regarding corruption, illegal immigration etc. He promised pushback which never happened. Today we are getting illegal immigrants by ferry service or air service. He also issued thousands of visas which are causing the same problems. He didn’t keep his promises, while Trump in his first two weeks in office already delivered many of the main issues he promised. Why are Maltese politicians angry with someone who is for once doing what he promised rather than changing his views after being elected?”

So which party will Maltese Trump supporters choose in the upcoming election?

“Definitely not PL or PN, I don’t even consider AD. Trump supporters should not be taken in by pre-electoral rhetoric and hollow promises. If a new party that truly puts Malta and the Maltese first contests, they should vote for that party. From what I can see Joseph Muscat is much more flexible than Simon Busuttil. The PN didn’t find its feet yet after the massive defeat in the last election. They learned nothing and they are still not listening to real issues of the common citizens.”

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So what will the world look like after Trump?

Seychell admits it will be difficult at first, because Trump has everyone against him, including the media, the Vatican and “mercenary NGOs”.

“But he has the most important thing with him which is the majority of genuine Americans who support him in his effort to return his country to sanity and stop the slide into decadence and degeneracy. Material prosperity is important but not everything.”

“I see an America with more prosperity, more jobs and better standard of living for most people. I think he will also restore peace with most Arab countries. The liberal hypocrites are blaming him for introducing hard measures to enter into America and yet they never mentioned a single word when America invaded and killed millions of innocent muslims in their country of origin. I see an America that is less hated and hopefully an easing of tensions worldwide.”

“As Trump himself declared, he wants to lead by shining example not by imposition,” says Seychell.

What are your views on Trump’s presidency? Is there anything Malta can learn from it? Let us know in the comments section!

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