Maltese Youths Think Financial Success Is More Important Than Freedom And Justice, New Survey Suggests

EY Generate's first survey of Malta's millennials and Gen Zs revealed some interesting statistics

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EY Malta just held their first EY Generate event this week, focusing on the future of Maltese youths and how their careers could shape up in this ever-changing world.

As part of the event, EY carried out a Generate Survey that looked into how people living in Malta aged between 16 and 24 think and feel about their life, their beliefs and aspirations. The survey consisted of 18 sections that covered everything from religious beliefs to the importance of the media.

Who answered the survey?

1,000 people responded to the EY Generate survey, from all over Malta. 99% of them were Maltese nationals, and 1% of a different nationality. There was a relatively even balance across the ages and genders, however the survey did not account for individuals that do not consider themselves either male or female.

Survey 1
Survey 2

The survey covered three separate areas; Beliefs, Living and Freedom. Results were all quantified into percentages and presented in the form of infographics which make it very easy to get an overall understanding of how Malta's youths feel.

1. Beliefs

This area covered happiness, success, and the general quality of life. Results show that the majority of respondents feel happy and successful in their lives, that they feel supported and protected.

Survey Happy1
Survey Happy2
Survey Happy3

2. Living

This area asked some of the deep questions, like whether people believe in God and what they define as community.

Surprisingly, only 69% of those that answered said that they believe in God. Although, maybe, this isn't that surprising considering how cynical us millennials and Gen Zs are apparently. The results also saw that females tend to give religion more importance than males, and that the younger respondents displayed an increase in uncertainty when it comes to believing in God.


Interestingly enough, it seems the youths feel they are more financially secure than they were last year. Maybe they're not spending all their money on avocado toast after all...

The majority also believe that life will be better in five years' time.


3. Freedom

Here we covered the big kicker: Politics and political parties.


This section also touched on the affects and importance of media and globalisation on the world currently.


And finally, the survey asked respondents to number aspects of life according to their level importance. In a shocking, but maybe not surprising turn of events, financial success was given the highest priority over freedom, justice , and social solidarity.


Of course, it is important to keep in mind that this survey did not cover all Maltese nationals aged between 16 and 24, but rather a sample.

And if there is one thing that can be drawn from these results, perhaps it is that despite all the challenges youths face in a constantly changing world, they remain optimistic and strive for a successful future.

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